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5 Reasons You Want Good Credit as You Head Into Retirement

As you approach retirement, you have a lot on your mind. Deciding how and where you would like to spend your retirement years and making sure that you have the funds to do so are probably at the top of your list. Chances are that you are not thinking much about your credit score,…

Retirement Income

Have Enough: Top 6 Strategies to Generate Adequate Retirement Income

Generating enough retirement income is a top concern for many Americans. In fact, the number of Baby Boomers who are confident in their efforts to prepare financially for retirement has dropped nine percentage points, from 44% in 2011 to 35% in 2014, according to the Insured Retirement Institute’s fourth annual report on retirement preparedness…


Retirement Planning: The Emotional Toll of Transitioning to Retirement

Like any other transition, retirement presents some unique challenges. Though retirement is a major life stage, there isn’t often much discussion about the emotional impact these changes can have on a person. In the end, preparing yourself emotionally for retirement can be just as important as financial preparation. Emotional Adjustment in Retirement Most people…

Retirees taxes

Tax Rate for Retirees: 5 Money-Saving Tips for Retirees Filing Their Tax Returns

As the cost of living continues to rise, retirees have to adjust their retirement plan to ensure that they can continue to support themselves financially. During these lean and uncertain financial times, it’s important to find ways to maximize your financial support in retirement. For retirees that are still working, there are many ways…

Work during retirement

Ric Edelman on Whether You’ll Have to Work During Retirement

Retirement is not what it used to be. In the past, retirees could get by on a combination of Social Security payments, their company’s pension, and their retirement savings, but this model is slowly fading. Now, many people don’t have enough to fund their retirement and find that they have to work during this…


5 Part-Time Jobs That Might Keep You Happy in Retirement

Being retired doesn’t mean that you have to stop working. Many retirees enjoy part-time work both for the boost in income and for staying active in the world. Not every job is right for every person. There are some that might not suit your style, but others could be exactly what you’re looking for….


The Best Retirement Plans: 41 Tips for a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Retirement

Think retirement is about sitting with your feet up and watching the rest of the world whiz by? Possibly, but many people think retirement and plan for embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures. This is the time to do what you want with the experience-laden good sense to appreciate it. Having the best…

Fixed annuities will likely explode in popularity.

What is a Fixed Rate? Why 2015 Will Be A Big Year for Fixed Annuities

This year will be big for fixed annuities, according to financial experts. But how an annuity works remains a mystery for many. AARP found that half of surveyed workers described themselves as “not too familiar” or “not at all familiar” with annuities — let alone the intricacies of different kinds of annuities and why…

Retirement planning

Why Retirement Planning is Different for Women

It’s relatively common knowledge that women tend to have a longer life expectancy than men. But the common knowledge is also backed up with data. According to the Social Security Administration, a man who is 65 years old today can expect to live to 84.3 years. But a woman who is 65 can expect…


Expert Interview with J. Douglas Hoyes About Retirees Living Debt-Free

We asked J. Douglas Hoyes, bankruptcy trustee, founder of Hoyes, Michalos & Associates, and advisor for, how big of a problem debt was for individuals today. He said the answer really depended on your perception. While the average Canadian now owes $1.62 in debt for every after-tax dollar they earn (a number that…