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best medicae supplement plans

Best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2016 and Beyond

What is Medicare, and do you need more than basic coverage? Original Medicare can leave you with hefty, uncovered expenses, but the best Medicare supplement plans — either Medigap or Medicare Advantage — can lower your costs and improve your care. There are so many questions that accompany signing up for America’s retirement healthcare plan….

reverse mortgage

Retirement Headed for the Rocks? How a Reverse Mortgage Can Light the Way to Security

Retirement can feel scary.  In fact, it sometimes feels like you are in a tiny boat up against a huge and unpredictable storm with a rocky shoreline ready to break up your way of life. However, you have navigated your financial life this far and — believe it or not — you can chart your…

retirement investing

Retirement Investing: How to Balance Safety with Adequate Returns

Retirement investing can be risky, but it does not need to be a gamble. This content was originally published on RealDealRetirement by Walter Updegrave, RealDealRetirement @RealDealRetire Ask Real Deal Retirement: I have roughly $1 million saved and hope to retire in about 10 years. I’m nervous about the market, but also worried that moving out of…

retirement spending

Retirement Spending: How Your Expenses Will Change

Your retirement spending will evolve… Retirees expect that their expenses will change once they retire, but they may under-estimate just how much they will change, and in what spending categories. Overall, your spending is likely to decline once your retire, but spending may increase for part of the time and not all areas of your…

cheapest places to retire

The Cheapest Places to Retire

In the years leading up to retirement, people often ask themselves, “When should I retire?” But soon enough and as retirement becomes a closer reality, the question turns to “Where should I retire?” And then, as financial anxiety sets in you might ask, “Where are the cheapest places to retire?” There are numerous lists online…

how much do you need to retire

How Much Do You Need to Retire? Don’t Guess! Find Out!

How much do you need to retire?  Have you made a guess?  Are you estimating that you’ll need more than you have?  Maybe you have kind of thought it through and come up with a number in your head?  Or perhaps you are just hoping that whatever it is you have will be enough? But…

how to retire

How to Retire When it Feels Out of Reach

Retirement sounds great, but is it really in the cards for most Americans? Today, more than in recent years, many people are finding that while they’d like to retire, they’re not able to. Many of us want to know how to retire when we have not saved enough money.  We feel that retirement is simply…

working after retirement

Avoid These Jobs if You Want to Be Working After Retirement

You have heard it before: “Work in Retirement!” If you want to be financially secure, working after retirement age or working as long as possible before retirement is a good idea. Think about it, if you retire at age 65 (or before), you might be spending 30 years not working.  Thirty years is a long…

Retirement Checklist

Approaching Retirement? Here is a Countdown to Retirement Checklist

10, 9, 8, 7 ,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. Blast Off for Retirement! The Merriam Webster dictionary defines retiring as “quiet and shy.”  And, once upon a time retirement was indeed a time of life when things slowed down.  Now retirement is more of a blast off into new stages of life with new…

simple retirement calculator

6 Reasons to Beware the Simple Retirement Calculator

In this day in age, it seems just about anything can easily be done online. You can file your taxes, compare rates for a new auto loan—you can even order groceries to be hand picked and delivered to your door. You can also do some of your retirement planning online. There are many new and…