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retirement with debt is a bad idea

Retiring With Debt is a Bad Idea; 5 Ways to Have a Debt Free Retirement

If you are a typical American approaching retirement, chances are you’re carrying some form of debt. In fact, the average person age 65 or older typically carries $9,300 on their cards, according to a study by national research organization Demos. But retiring with debt can be “detrimental” to retirement planning, says credit counselor Thomas Nitzsche,…

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What Grade Do You Deserve in Life?

What grade does your lifestyle deserve? Take this quiz and find out!


State Sponsored Retirement Programs: New Ways to Close The Savings Gap

Noticing an increase in the number of unprepared Americans beginning to retire, federal and state governments are launching special programs to help. According to the New York Times, 17 states are exploring simple, low-cost savings plans that would allow workers to direct pre-tax earnings into retirement accounts to help guard against future risk—and help protect…

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Reverse Mortgages for Seniors

The retirement years are supposed to be golden. There’s time for travel, relaxation, trying out new hobbies, and perhaps even starting a whole new career. Financial worries shouldn’t factor in heavily how you choose to spend your retirement. But for many people, that’s exactly what happens. Reverse mortgages for seniors might be the answer. A…

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Saving for Retirement: Is Keeping Up with The Joneses a Good Idea?

In much of life, there’s a tendency to compare your lifestyle to others, whether it’s the size of your house, the kind of car you drive, or where you go on vacation. Now, financial firms are asking whether keeping up with the Joneses might actually be a good strategy when it comes to saving for…


Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For Me?

How do you know if a reverse mortgage is right for you? Reverse mortgages have a reputation as a tool for retirees that are tight on funds and more recently as a tool that can help people who have saved more for retirement, but they are not for everyone.
In this infographic, we explore eligibility requirements and all the uses for a reverse mortgage, along with some alternatives in case it is not the best option for you.
Read on to find out how to have a rich retirement.

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Retirement Planning Strategies for Veterans

Veterans and service-members approaching retirement age may need to take a slightly different strategy to financial planning relative to their civilian counterparts, factoring in time spent in the service, pensions, and other available benefits. Career military servicemembers who serve 20 or more years are eligible for a pension that includes annual cost of living adjustments…

social security and medical

Alarming Analysis: Social Security Will Not Be Adequate to Fund Your Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Spending

Social Security has served as a financial safety net for many older adults, but recent research indicates that era is drawing to a close as retirement health care costs skyrocket. Many older Americans rely heavily on Social Security benefits as their main source of income in retirement. Nearly half (47%) of unmarried people depend on…


When Can I Retire? 6 Questions to Help You Know: “At What Age Can I Retire?”

It is a question we all ask – often: When can I retire? The skies are blue outside your cubicle, office politics are tough, you are just tired and you daydream of retirement. However, the reality of deciding at what age can you retire — and retire securely — is tricky. The average retirement age…

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Retirement Income Planning: Focus on Income—Not Assets—for Retirement Security

Leading up to retirement, many people focus on building up enough wealth to last throughout their golden years. But the focus should be on something a Nobel Prize winner in economics says is even more important: creating income throughout retirement. Without this attitude, your retirement could be a disaster. “The seeds of an investment crisis…