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Why Retirement Planning is Different for Women

It’s relatively common knowledge that women tend to have a longer life expectancy than men. But the common knowledge is also backed up with data. According to the Social Security Administration, a man who is 65 years old today can expect to live to 84.3 years. But a woman who is 65 can expect…

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The 5 Best Retirement Calculators

Retirement planning has never been more complicated. But then again, it’s never been so simple. With so many changes in the economy and uncertain times ahead, you might think you need a degree in finance to get it right. But fortunately, there’s a tool called the retirement calculator that helps clear the murky water….


Retirement Travel: 9 Concrete Ways to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Retirement seems to be the universal time to think about traveling extensively, but travel can be expensive, especially if you want to cross the oceans. If your retirement funds aren’t as much as you’d like them to be, you might believe that you’re stuck in the same town doing the same things year after…


Why Seniors are More Vulnerable to Fraud

It’s fairly common to believe that while a scam might happen next door, it certainly won’t happen any closer to home. But unfortunately, it happens every day. Who wouldn’t want to win a trip to the Bahamas or get an exclusive deal on an investment? That’s exactly what con artists count on to help…

Surf through your mid life crisis with a solid retirement plan.

The Mid Life Crisis and Planning for Your Retirement: 4 Ways to Boost Retirement Savings in Your 40s and 50s

It’s easy to assume that financial confidence increases over time.  You make more money as you get older after all. However, the opposite appears to be true.  Recent research suggests that financial stress — not confidence — increases as we age, peaks in mid life and then gets better through our 60s. The U…

Baby boomers face some problems in retirement.

Retirement Planning: How to Address the 3 Biggest Problems Facing Boomers

If having the finances to maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement is of growing concern to you, you’re not alone. Baby Boomers have seen their confidence in retirement deteriorate as a result of the recent economic downturn. As the economy improves, the ability for baby boomers to reach their goals should improve with the…

Retirement calculator

4 More Questions a Retirement Calculator Can Answer

A retirement calculator gives you a snapshot of where you are now, where you’re headed, and what to expect once you get there. You could find those answers on your own, but these nifty devices are designed to make it simple and quick. Think of it like a checkup. You might have a terrific…


National Retirement Risk Index Prompts Standard of Living Concerns

The closer you get to retirement, the more you’ll wonder whether you’re really prepared for it. But the National Retirement Research Index (NRRI) does more than wonder. It determines how many households are considered “at risk” of lacking the finances to keep their current lifestyle once they retire. When you’re younger, it’s easy to…


Retired at 30: A True Story of Successfully Saving for Retirement

Life, itself, is the adventure, so don’t wait for it to begin. Jacob Lund Fisker is not your typical retiree. He’s certainly not of an age to collect Social Security. He’s not reached his 60s, nor his 50s. Jacob isn’t even in his 40s, at least not yet. It’s almost astonishing that Jacob is…


New Years Resolutions: 5 Retirement Planning Ideas for 2015

It’s a whole new year for a whole new retirement planning attitude. Ringing in the new year with a host of resolutions? Then you’re in good company. Or maybe you gave up on the idea of making sweeping changes years ago, in favor of taking things as they come. However you approach it, every…