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4 Retirement Financial Planning Blogs You Should be Reading

The you read, the you know, and the you read about retirement financial planning the better off you’ll be. You could do a quick Google search and unearth financial planning blogs geared toward retirement than you could shake a stick at. But financial advice is fairly sensitive, and even somewhat subjective….

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What Happens if I Really Do Run Out of Money in Retirement?

If you are worried about running out of money in retirement, you are not alone.  Running out of money is the main concern of most people in or approaching retirement. And, there is VERY good reason to be concerned — VERY concerned. According to a detailed report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), many…

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Longevity Trends and Life Expectancy Calculators

You have probably heard it before, Americans are living longer than any previous generation — a lot longer. The average life expectancy for a 65-year-old American is 17.7 years for a male and 20.3 years for a female. That means that — according to the Social Security Administration — the average 65 year old man…

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4 Ways to Make Your Modest Retirement Income Last

Not everyone has a million-dollar investment portfolio that one day will turn into retirement income. For most people, retirement isn’t filled with world travel or wining and dining. It’s just another phase of life, and one that takes careful budgeting. For those of modest means, retirement might seem scary. When you think about the…

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What if Your Retirement Plan is to Spend it All?

A typical retirement plan might be to guard your savings and investments to stretch them out through an unknown period of time. With Americans enjoying longer and longer lives, that’s a rational concern and goal. Along with managing their finances scrupulously to make it last, many people want to leave something of a legacy for…

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How Much Do I Need to Retire? Avoid These Common Planning Mistakes

There is no shortage of retirement income advice.  And, anyone can make a prediction about  how much you will need for a secure retirement. Much of this guidance is based on sentiments that have or less stayed the same for at least a few generations. But what if that advice is wrong?  It might…

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Rethink Classic Retirement Plan Advice

When it comes to retirement plans, what’s best for most people may not be best for you. You may sometimes need to go against traditional advice instead to create your optimal retirement plan. Consider how these common tips could affect you before deciding whether to incorporate them into your retirement plan. Rethink Retirement Advice to…

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Why Your Retirement Plan Needs an Annual Check Up

Some things, you can set and forget. They’re better off left alone. Like roses, for example. The you fuss over them the they’ll grow sickly. But growing your money isn’t like raising a beautiful grandiflora specimen. Retirement planning requires attention, and it needs it regularly. You don’t have to be a financial expert…

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4 Ways a Retirement Calculator Helps Single Parents

Single parents are powerhouses of efficiency. But one real drawback is that you might spend so much time focusing on providing and holding together the household that your own future gets put on a back burner for later. Kids might need braces, and there’s college on the horizon, too. But you can’t help everyone around…

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Who to Blame for the Retirement Crisis?

A whopping 86% of Americans feel there is a retirement crisis upon them, and many have little faith in the government to help. How big is the crisis? Who is to blame?  What can we do to protect ourselves? How Big is the Crisis? So, how many people are truly financially unprepared for retirement?  The…