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Preparing for retirement

Expert Interview with Art Koff About Preparing for Retirement

Preparing for retirement begins much earlier than one’s twilight years. In fact, most retirement professionals recommend planning for retirement as soon as possible. Art Koff from understands that retirement is a major life change, but knows that with proper planning, retirement is something to enjoy. Retirement can be a scary situation for many. What…

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Early Retirement Forum: Resources, Discussion and Tools for Those Interested in an Early Retirement

There is a lot of interest in early retirement.  In the right circumstances it can offer amazing quality of life.  Here we have amassed a series of articles on early retirement, some tools that could be useful to you and — at the bottom — is a commenting section to be used as an early…

Retiring Too Early: It Could Happen to You

Am I Ready to Retire? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions to Find Your Retirement Readiness!

While financial and health concerns are a major part of the retirement decision, it’s important to ask yourself questions that go far beyond financial preparedness to determine at what age retirement is right for you. Americans are living longer than ever. At age 62, the current earliest eligibility age for receiving Social Security retirement benefits,…


Retirement Planning: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Retirement Income Lasts as Long as You Do

Whether retirement means kicking up your feet, pursuing a new career or enjoying a favorite hobby, there’s one looming concern most Americans share: running out of money. In fact, some Americans fear running out of money in retirement more than they fear death, a 2010 Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America Reclaiming the Future…


Are You Prepared to Live to 86 Years Old? 88? Or Longer?

Chances are you’ll live longer than your parents, and much longer than theirs did. While that sounds like a gift at face value, a longer life expectancy brings with it some special concerns, too. The Society of Actuaries, which is an actuary professional organization in Illinois, released new research in 2014 that showed a measurable…

Keep growing and changing your retirement plan to keep up with new developments!

6 Changes Coming to Retirement Benefits in 2015

Ringing out the old and ringing in the new includes new changes to retirement benefits and plans. Nothing stays the same forever. And although some guidelines won’t vary much, if at all, changes in other areas of your retirement plans could be dramatic. Here’s what you can expect in 2015, from Social Security to a…

Retire at 62

7 Reasons Why You Should Actually Retire at 62 (If You Can)

Early retirement seems like a wonderful dream to a lot of people. You’ve been in the workforce for decades, all focused on the goal of enjoying the rest of your life on your own terms. But just wanting to get out of the rat race isn’t quite enough of a reason, if you’re not ready….

Starting early, planning for health care and considering work are all important retirement planning considerations.

3 New Woes of Retirement Planning: What to Beware of Now…

Starting early, planning for health care and considering work are all important retirement planning considerations. With pensions and employer-sponsored retirement plans becoming fewer and farther between, retirement planning is playing a more prominent role for many Americans. But with a new approach to retirement planning in the current economic environment come new woes, as well….

Personal finance for couples

Expert Interview with Elle Martinez on Personal Finance for Couples for

We’re going to hazard a guess that talking to your partner about finances and retirement ranks somewhere up there with conversations about disciplining your belligerent 2-year-old and whether your mother-in-law should stay with you for the summer. But conversations about money are some of the most important discussions you can have with your significant other…

How much do you need to retire

How Much Do You Need to Retire by 2020?

Lifestyles vary dramatically from one household to the next, and so do retirement needs. Someone who is accustomed to a 6-figure or higher income will have markedly different needs than someone who has a modest lifestyle. And the length of time spent in retirement can complicate matters even further. You could retire with $1 million…