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6 Ways Retirement Calculators Can Help You

The retirement calculator is an excellent retirement planning tool because it makes it easier for people to get a more accurate picture of what their financial needs will be in retirement. But this free tool can only help you plan for retirement if you actually incorporate what you learn into your own retirement planning. Below,…

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Thought Leader Series: 4 Money Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Retirement

Stephan Baldwin is the Director of Business Development for Assisted Living Center, an online resource for aging care communities. You’ve worked…you’ve saved…and now it’s time to enjoy your retirement years. You may think you have enough in your accounts to get through the next 25, 35 or even 45 years (and that may be the…

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Americans Not Confident in Society’s Ability to Handle an Aging Population: Here’s How We Fix That

As a population, Americans are living longer now than ever before. While naturally this is good news, increased longevity of lifespan has serious financial implications for your savings and even your ability to live comfortably during retirement. But with 78 million Baby Boomers (born between 1646-1964) entering or approaching their retirement, the U.S. faces a…

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The 4 Best Retirement Calculators

There’s a lot of financial advice out there for people approaching retirement. But Baby Boomers aren’t the only people thinking about it these days. People of all ages are doing something about it. Enter the golden age of retirement calculators. It seems like wherever you turn, there’s a version that can help you map out…

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What is Retirement Life Really Like?

Retirement life isn’t what it looks like from the outside, not even if you’ve planned it down to the nth detail. Because of that, more than one pre-retiree has lost a little sleep worrying about what’s to come, and whether they’re ready for it. You can’t really know, but you can get a good idea…

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How Much Do I Need to Retire Early? Retirement Calculators Help

Early retirement isn’t an unattainable dream, even if your income isn’t stellar. It’s what you want out of retirement that determines how you should go about getting there. It’s not the easiest thing you’ll do. But the best things in life usually aren’t. With more people working throughout retirement and putting off Social Security until…

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4 Retirement Financial Planning Blogs You Should be Reading

The more you read, the more you know, and the more you read about retirement financial planning the better off you’ll be. You could do a quick Google search and unearth more financial planning blogs geared toward retirement than you could shake a stick at. But financial advice is fairly sensitive, and even somewhat subjective….

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What Happens if I Really Do Run Out of Money in Retirement?

If you are worried about running out of money in retirement, you are not alone.  Running out of money is the main concern of most people in or approaching retirement. And, there is VERY good reason to be concerned — VERY concerned. According to a detailed report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), many…

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Longevity Trends and Life Expectancy Calculators

You have probably heard it before, Americans are living longer than any previous generation — a lot longer. The average life expectancy for a 65-year-old American is 17.7 years for a male and 20.3 years for a female. That means that — according to the Social Security Administration — the average 65 year old man…

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4 Ways to Make Your Modest Retirement Income Last

Not everyone has a million-dollar investment portfolio that one day will turn into retirement income. For most people, retirement isn’t filled with world travel or wining and dining. It’s just another phase of life, and one that takes careful budgeting. For those of more modest means, retirement might seem scary. When you think about the…