Retirement Tips – Four Tips for Working Seniors

Keep These Tips in Mind if You Are Working Past the Traditional Retirement Age

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The percentage of seniors who are working past the age of 65 is increasing. The social and intellectual attractions of work keep many people in their jobs, but the increased financial needs of long lives and rising medical costs are also factors that keep people working.

Here are four tips for working seniors:

Review Your Social Security Decisions

If you are working and start Social Security before your “full retirement age” (65 or 66 for most people), then your benefits may be reduced by income from work. If you are interested in working, it is probably a good idea to delay benefits until your full retirement age.

Keep Employer Healthcare Coverage

Employer health insurance is a big bonus for seniors. Private health insurance can be prohibitively expensive and basic Medicare has big coverage gaps

Contribute More to Your Retirement Accounts

It can be a great idea to contribute as much as possible to your retirement accounts. Tax rules generally allow older employees to contribute more and participate in so-called ‘catch-up’ contributions.

Keep Positive! You Are Doing the Right Thing

You may be working for financial reasons, but there are many other benefits to work.

There is considerable evidence that an engaged mind stays younger longer. The social engagement at work and the intellectual stimulation it offers are proving to be a great way to keep the brain fit.

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