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“The calculations are the most comprehensive out there, encompassing all aspects of the retirement puzzle.”

Holly from Lakeland, FL

“Going into retirement is a serious adventure...and it requires a will thought out plan. NewRetirement has provided information and guidance to help us begin the journey. Thanks”

Jan from Idaho Falls, ID

“It offers a comprehensive tool to evaluate financial planning for retirement. One of the best, and independent to boot!”

Armin from El Cerrito, CA

“NewRetirement is user friendly and provides a lot of information. It is definitely the best/most efficient online retirement calculator I've used.”

Kathy from Johnson City, TN

“I’m a financial planning professor and suggest this to many of my students as a valuable tool.”

Prof from Pasadena, CA

“Specific breakdown of what to consider; ability to run differing scenarios for planning which allows for contingencies.”

Steve from Bristol, CT

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Podcast: Scott Migliori — A Professional Investors Guide to Early Retirement

Episode 42 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Scott Migliori — the former Chief Investment Officer for U.S. Equities for Allianz Global Investors and a Chartered Financial Analyst. We discuss Scott’s decision to retire early at age 48, the investment landscape, and how he manages his money in a highly volatile market. Listen…

overlooked retirement costs

8 Retirement Costs Overlooked by a Majority of Americans

Key retirement costs are being overlooked by the clear majority of Americans. (Probably not you though, especially if you are a NewRetirement Planner subscriber, but, keep reading to make sure.) According to a 2020 survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), fewer than 4 in 10 Americans “have planned for emergency expenses or calculated…

alternatives to long term care insurance

10 Alternatives to Long Term Care Insurance

Your need for long term care is unknown. What is known is that you do need a plan for funding it, just in case. However, many people rightly ask, “is long term care insurance worth it?” Luckily there are viable alternatives to long term care insurance. Healthy living will help you avoid long term care,…