It's as easy as 1...2...3

A simple three step process is all it takes to get access to your next client.
  1. Tell us about yourself

    When you sign up to be an advisor, you aren't committing to anything. No credit card is required to check out our service.

    We'll ask for basic information about you, that will eventually be used to represent you on the site. NewRetirement will never sell this data, and we employ bank-level security to make sure that it's safe.

    Click here to go to the sign up page.


  2. Due diligence and application review

    NewRetirement reviews and performs due diligence on all prospective Advisors - we need to qualify all of our advisors in order to make sure that our users are engaging with the highest quality professionals possible.

    Our review process includes researching the FINRA and SEC Adviser databases to make sure that everything is in check, as well as verifying references.

    Once approved, we'll give you a call letting you know that you are now a NewRetirement Advisor.

  3. Access Your Dashboard

    Being approved as an Advisor means access to an exclusive Dashboard.

    The Advisor Dashboard makes it easy to organize and track the success of your leads and answers.

    Use this Dashboard to keep your profile up to date, manage your workflow, and organize the content that you contribute through NewRetirement Answers.


An Advisor membership is only $50 per month.

Referral fees vary based on your needs, and are determined after Advisor approval.


There are no initial activation fees or required commitments to sign up.

Questions? Give us a call. We'd love to chat. 415-738-2435