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Lifetime Annuity Income

The exact amount of your monthly income will depend on the options you choose.

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Your Lifetime Annuity Details

Annuities can be customized to meet your exact needs, goals and values. Inflation protection and guaranteed returns are only a few of the many valuable options.

Here are estimates for popular variations. An annuity expert can give you exact quotes and guide you through the costs and benefits of all of your options.


Annuity Type Inflation
Monthly Income
Lifetime Income Only 0%  ???? 
3%  ???? 
5%  ???? 
Lifetime Income
Plus 10 Year Certain
0%  ???? 
3%  ???? 
5%  ???? 
Lifetime Income
Plus Return of Premium
0%  ???? 
3%  ???? 
5%  ???? 


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The Lifetime Benefit of Your Annuity

Many people assume that buying an annuity means a poor return on investment. However, whether you make money or not will all depend on how long you live.

Annuities are essentially an insurance product. When you buy medical insurance, you are paying a certain amount to cover medical expenses – whether they happen or not. When you buy an annuity, you are buying income whether you need it or not.

ASSUMPTIONS: These calculations are based on the yearly income you are estimated to receive for a lifetime income with a 3% cost of living adjustment. The income is multiplied by the amount of time you might receive payments.