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  • How much money can i earn without my social security benefits being penalized.

    Asked on 10/7/2008

    My social security benefits started at my entitlement date. i had to be 65 and 8 mo's to receive full benefits. i waited until so i could get full benefits. my question. am i limited to how much i can earn if i decided to return to work. will it affect my social security benefits

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  • Congratulations on waiting to start Social Security! Benefits do indeed increase the longer you wait.

    Congratulations also on considering the benefits of returning to work. More and more retirees are finding the social as well as financial benefits of working past their retirement dates.

    Working full or part time after retirement does not impact receiving your benefits after you have reached your "Full Retirement Age" as defined by the Social Security Administration.

    To learn more about what your full retirement age is, visit Find Your Retirement Age.

    If you are interested in learning more about how your benefits would be affected if you work and are taking benefits before your "Full Retirement Age," visit Work and Social Security.

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