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  • What to Do Now? Finally bought a home. How else to prepare for retirement?

    Asked on 5/12/2006

    I guess my advice is it is never too late. Start saving as soon as you can. I am a female from the early baby boomers that never even thought of taking care of myself, I always thought that I would get married and live happily ever after. I didn't think that retirement was something to even consider.

    What was I thinking????

    Now that I am almost there I am in a panic. I rented for years after my divorce, so much for happily ever after, and realize that instead of throwing my rent money out the window I should have found some way to buy even the most minimal of properties (even a mobile/manufactuered home) and acrue equity in something instead of nothing.

    I have finally done that. Now what else can I do?

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  • I think that a lot of your anxiety is related to retiring at 65. It is important to understand that you need not ever retire. People who retire at 65 will likely spend 20 or more years in leisure. That is a lot of time!

    Find a job you enjoy and keep working. No need to "retire." You can "retire" in a job you like.

    Also, know that there are so many people in your situation.

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