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  • Health Care and the Budget:

    Asked on 6/22/2007

    For Retirees, for Senior Citizens, as we age, Affordable Health Care becomes an increasing concern. The article below comes from the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] testimony before the Senate Committee on the Budget.

    The whole testimony can be viewed at


    Rising health care costs and their consequences for Federal Health Insurance Programs constitute the nation’s CENTRAL Fiscal Challenge.

    Rising costs also represent a critical issue for Employers—who sponsor most private health insurance coverage—and for the enrollees and patients who ultimately bear the costs of Health Insurance and Health Care.

    At the same time, substantial concerns exist about the number of individuals who lack Health Insurance, about the Quality of Care that is provided both to the Uninsured and to the Insured, and about trends in health such as the growing prevalence of obesity.


    When I read the transcript of the testimony on Health Care and the Budget, and on the Need for Reform, I felt as if I was reading about Global Warming and Climate Change:

    We all know that Global Warming and Climate Change is occurring.

    We know that we are a causitive factor.

    But we sense that we will be overtaken by the consequences of environmental pollution, that we will be overtaken by the consequences of taking action that is both too little, and too late.

    So it seems, to me, that this unfortunate reality will also apply to Affordable Health Care. In short, First Class Health Care will only be available for those who can afford to pay for it.

    The rest of us will receive compromised health care based upon our ability to pay.

    To some extent, this is already taking place. Just remember the news reports of the substandard Health Care received by our wounded U.S. Combat Soldiers and Marines. The VA Budget for health care has been cut by this Administration because it simply does not have the money to continue our Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, much less to pay for the treatment of its wounded combat veterans.

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