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  • need help while waiting for ssi -- i am out of money

    Asked by a 70 year old woman from Montgomery, AL on 2/8/2011

    i have no income and this world is letting me down, i have no legitimate source of help, i need desperate help with these utility bills, i have learned as i get older, there is no real help for the seniors, why? all there is, is the run around and pushing us off to the "call this number they might be able to help you", who really cares? seniors the dieing breed, you will be held accountable for the way you treat the seniors, lord bless yall soul

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  • 75 year old from Houston, TX

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  • It is certainly true that there is not a lot of help available for seniors who are trying to live in small fixed incomes and make their money stretch as far as it will go. But sites like NewRetirement exist to try and help such people navigate the complex labyrinth of retirement funding and finance. This site was founded by entrepreneurs who wanted to address the lack of support seniors have in trying to fund their retirement, and, depending on your situation and your circumstances, we will certainly try to help you.

    Though I don't know the details of your situation very well, my immediate suggestion would be to try our brand new retirement calculator, found at https://www.newretirement.com/retirement-calculator.aspx. It will ask you a series of questions about your financial situation, and then make suggestions as to exactly what you can do to improve your finances and quality of life. You might also look into another useful site, www.benefitscheckup.org, which can help ensure you are receiving the maximum results from the benefits you qualify for.

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