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  • Forced to take early retirement

    Asked on 5/5/2009

    I am being forced to take early retirement due to my company outsourcing. I am not of full retirement age but I can take early retirement and get my pension. I would like to know can I take early retirement, my pension and still collect unemployment since I am being forced to retire? I would like to go back to school to brush up on my skills and get my Bachelor's Degree.

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  • I would encourage you to ask both your employer as well as your local unemployment office!

    And, I encourage you to take some classes and get back to work. Retiring is getting more and more difficult -- rising health care costs, longer life spans and uncertainty as to the viability of pensions and Social Security mean that:
    1) retirees will rely more heavily on their own savings
    2) retirees will be working longer

    It will be great if you can train for and find a career that you love.

    Good Luck!

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