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    Asked on 9/15/2006

    Sometimes many choices are a good thing. At other times, too many choices can be overwhelming.

    Currently, the only communication option I have is a Cingular cell phone with an International Plan covering Canada, US and Mexico. This plan works well for me in Oregon or Mexico, however, many people in Mexico are hesitant to return calls which are long-distance for them. Also, on a trip to Italy, I learned the hard way that the "International Plan" has it's limits.

    This past winter I put my Verizon telephone land line on vacation hold (as I did the prior year) and paid $10 monthly through on-line bill pay to reserve my telephone number. Unfortunately, Verizon gave my telephone number to another customer (curses!) and refunded my $10 monthly payments (all sitting at the post office for my return). Therefore, since I have no local service, I have no internet access.a big problem for me. My laptop is wireless, but it doesn't have wireless access either.

    Currently, AOL is my ISP which is fine internationally. In Puerto Vallarto, Mexico roaming service is provided by TelCom and Movistar.

    Many fellow Snowbirds have Vonage service in Mexico and at home giving them un-limited calling to US and Canada. Some have US cell phone service. Some buy Mexican cell phone service or land lines and periodically buy calling cards for minutes.

    I failed this spring/summer to find a solution that doesn't require annual contracts for communication services that may only be used six or seven months a year. This solution needs to include:

    ? High speed internet access
    ? Wireless access
    ? International calling
    ? Cell phone service like the Cingular plan mentioned above
    ? Local telephone service (can live without this)
    ? Cable television is not necessary if it incurs an additional cost

    The options and decisions seem overwhelming to me so I need help. Currently my computers are a Dell desktop and a wireless Dell laptop. Travel is an important consideration as I have embarked on the "Snowbird Years" so any solutions must accommodate the following (approximate) schedule:

    ? January - May Mexico
    ? June - September 15 Oregon
    ? September 15 - November 15 Mexico or other sunny location
    ? November 16 - December 30 Oregon

    Hoping for help me in this matter as none of the companies contacted online were willing or able to do so.

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  • Hello, we're young snowbirds (only been doing it 2 years). Just wondering if you received any feedback with a solution for calling the U.S. from Baja without the exorbitant roaming charges. Thanks, Gloria and Gregg.

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