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  • H.R. 337 Military Families Financial Security Act of 2007

    Asked on 4/23/2007

    Military Cash Allowance

    Under current law, the SSI treats most military cash allowances-- payments other than basic pay, such as the basic allowance for subsistence (BAS)--as unearned income when determining SSI elegibility and benefit amounts. The Social Security Administration (SSA) reduces SSI payments by one dollar for each dollar of unearned income (after disregarding the first $20).

    H.R. 337 would treat those military cash allowances as earned income, subjecting them to a more generous treatment when determing the income to be deemed from a parent to a child or from a spouse to another.

    The benefits would be modest--military children and their spouses would see their monthly SSI payments increase nearly $50. And they would now become eligible for Medicaid benefits.

    I share that with you only because it is noteworthy that too many of our military families live near the poverty line.

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