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  • Assets when we pass away

    Asked by a 83 year old man from Sebastian, FL on 6/12/2012

    What happens when to our money, home, and other assets when we pass?

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    San Francisco, CA

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  • Retirement planning really is about more than how to pay for your life post work. You also need to plan for when you pass away.

    The NewRetirement Retirement Calculator -- https://www.newretirement.com/retirement-calculator/default.aspx -- should have given you some ideas about:
    -- What your Net Worth will be at your longevity age and beyond

    However, no matter your Net Worth, you do need to have a solid estate plan in place. An estate plan should include:
    -- A will
    -- Letters of Instruction
    -- Financial Power of Attorney
    -- Trusts
    -- Medical Power of Attorney
    -- A Living Will

    Depending on your financial situation, you might also want to consult with a financial planner about how to manipulate your assets for wealth preservation.

    Find the estate planning resources you need here:

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