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    Asked by a 94 year old man from bakersfield, CA on 2/12/2007

    Saw this ad first during the Superbowl: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2y7Bqfx6pWw.

    My wife, also a marketer, had been eagerly anticipating this ad, given the pre-game buzz. No doubt it was researched, but who is the target audience? I got to admit, I have a some difficulty believing the final message is more memorable than the music video – I remembered the ad, but not the sponsor (I did remember and visit salesgenie.com another advertiser that day…). Is the target boomer parents whose slacker kids are into the rap culture of fast money? The parents’ negative reaction to the current culture results in greater desire to buy an annuity? Wow – what a stretch – but way easier than trying to explain the difference between buying an annuity with qualified vs. non-qualified funds…

    But, the advertiser still wins - I posted a link to the ad - they probably will be happy about that!

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