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    Asked on 4/18/2008

    My mother is extremely worried about her predicament. She is of retirement age but still working, but doesn't feel she can continue. Although some of her credit cards are covered for sickness form work she has another one which isn't. She doesn't have a mortgage anymore, what are her options if any to help her manage her debts?
    Many Thanks, Terry.

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  • Retiring with debt is not advised.

    You can not really retire when carrying high-interest credit card debt. Most people in retirement are living off of a fixed income – meaning that you will not have more money tomorrow to pay off the debt than you do today. You will simply be paying more interest – wasting money every month you carry the debt. The average family between the ages of 55 and 64 who carry credit card debt spend 31 percent of their income on servicing the debt. In retirement, particularly, that is akin to throwing money out of the window.

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    A couple of notes:
    -- Working past retirement age is becoming more and more of a necessity for most people and will become the norm. Learn more about work and reitrement here: https://www.newretirement.com/Services/Working_In_Retirement.aspx

    And, delaying Social Security here:

    She may also want to look at:
    -- A Reverse Mortgage: https://www.newretirement.com/Services/Reverse_Mortgage.aspx

    A Reverse Mortgage can be used to pay off debt.

    A home equity loan could also be used to pay off debt and it might be an acceptable option if the interest rate on the home equity loan was significantly lower than the interest rate on the debt.

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  • Maybe she should consider a reverse mortgage. I work with Live Well Financial. We offer reverse mortgages to homeowners 62 years and older. She can tap the equity in her home and never have to make a monthly payment as long as she lives in the house until her death. she can get a lump sum or monthly payouts or a combination of each. The money is tax free and does not affect any retirement income she may recieve. I would be happy to explain the program to you or your mother. My name is Charles Reeder.

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