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  • Due to our age disparity, I would like to retire soon and take advantage of my husband's years

    Asked by a 69 year old woman from Garden Grove, CA on 8/20/2012

    Due to our age disparity, I would like to retire soon and take advantage of my husband's years ahead. However, I don't want to be broke later, so I wonder when is an optimal time to retire.

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  • From a financial perspective, the best time to retire is when you have saved adequate money or amassed sufficient assets to be able to guarantee enough income to cover all necessary expenses for as long as you live -- no matter how long that might be.

    If Social Security and other lifetime income sources like pensions do not cover your basic retirement expenses, then many financial planners highly recommend a lifetime annuity with inflation protection to make sure that you can maintain your quality of life. You can estimate the cost of monthly income here:
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    The real trick is to be able to plan for cost increases. Medical expenses will likely rise significantly, inflation may become a significant factor and what is your plan for long term care should the need arise?

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