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  • Hi,

    Great question and unfortunately tough to answer without a more detailed review of your policy and an understanding of what kinds of coverage you are looking for.

    This section of our site provides an overview of Medicare Supplemental insurance:

    and this articles covers Medicare Supplemental vs. Medigap:

    Your best bet is probably to talk to some different providers about your needs and their offerings - you can find a marketplace of providers and live quoting here:

    Hope this is helpful.

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  • Deciding which is better, Medigap vs Medicare Advantage, is a personal decision. In fact, one spouse can decide that Medigap is right and the other spouse can decide that Medicare Advantage is right. There are no right or wrong answers in this choice, only what's right for YOU.

    This article goes over the pros and cons of each type of plan:
    There is also a 15 minute video that you can click on that goes over the same information at the top of the article.

    I hope this helps! It can be a tough decision, but it's an important one for sure.

    Katherine Kline

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