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  • Unfortunately I do not have access to enough information to reasonably answer your question about the retirement package.

    The biggest factors are probably your age and how prepared for retirement you are -- with or without the package.

    If you are anywhere under age 64, then extended healthcare for only six months does not get you to the age at which you will qualify for Medicare. And, private health insurance is probably prohibitively expensive. Never mind the fact that more and more experts are recommending that most people consider delaying retirement till somewhere around age 70, rather than 65 or 62. (Could you take the package and easily find other employment to continue earning and saving for retirement?)

    Hopefully the NewRetirement Retirement Calculator gave you good information about your preparedness.
    Retirement Calculator:

    We think that being prepared for retirement generally means two things:
    1) You have saved adequate funds to cover all out of pocket healthcare expenses. Myriad studies show that average out of pocket costs for a 65-year-old couple retiring this year, will be around $240,000.

    2) You have guaranteed enough income for life -- no matter how long your life might be

    If Social Security and other lifetime income sources like pensions do not cover your basic retirement expenses, then many financial planners highly recommend a lifetime annuity with inflation protection to make sure that you can maintain your quality of life. You can estimate the cost of monthly income here:

    If you are unsure about your options, you may want to consult with a Financial Advisor. NewRetirement can arrange a free consultation with an advisor who can more personally answer your questions:
    -- Free Retirement Consultation:

    We wish you the best!

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