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  • I am self-employed (freelance writer) 63, with savings and huge equity in my property. Can I refinan

    Asked on 11/27/2012

    I am 63 and own a condo in NYC worth somewhere between $2 million and $2.5 millllion. The balance is just $80,000.
    I would like to take $250,000 out of the apt. (and pay off the $80,000 from the $250,00)

    I have roughly $680,000 in retirement savings in IRAs and a Roth.

    But I left my last job in November of 2011 and do not plan to go to working full-time. I Since March of this year, I've been freelancing (I'm a writer) earning about $3,000 a month)

    I have been told that, because I don't have a guaranteed source of income and pay stubs, I can't get a mortgage-- despite my savings and equity in the apt.
    Is this true?

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  • It sounds like you are looking to refinance your mortgage which does sound like a reasonable plan.

    However, ever since the financial crisis of a few years ago, cash out mortgage refinancing has been extremely difficult secure. But, we have heard that things have recently loosened up a bit and your financial situation seems quite strong. So I would encourage you to talk directly with a few banks to assess your eligibility. Go ahead and be upfront with the loan officers about your situation.

    You can review currently available interest rates and mortgage lenders here:

    While refinancing is probably your best option, you might also look and the pros and cons of selling your condo and downsizing to something less expensive in order to access your home equity.

    You could also look into the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage. The HECM Saver Reverse Mortgage is a lower cost Reverse Mortgage product designed for people like you. We can connect you to a Reverse Mortgage lender who can answer your questions about this product.

    Additionally, because you have such a significant asset base, you may benefit from consulting with a Financial Advisor. We are happy to offer you a Free Retirement Consultation with a prescreened financial advisor:

    We wish you all the best and hope you can continue to use us as a resource for your retirement concerns.

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  • You won't qualify for a traditional mortgage, but you do qualify for a Reverse Mortgage, as long as your Condo has been FHA approved.

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