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  • The prospectus for the Golden Select ESII annuity product from ING can be found here:

    When an annuity contract refers to a "joint owner," they are usually referring to who is eligible to receive the annuity payments. A joint annuitant is typically the spouse of the purchaser of an annuity (the annuitant) – very often retirees who want to secure lifetime income will purchase an annuity which provides payments for as long as either the annuitant or joint annuitant is alive.

    When you purchase an annuity, you have numerous complex decisions to make -- beyond how much money to invest. Do you want the annuity to be:
    -- Variable, fixed or combination (This refers to the rate of return.)
    -- Immediate or deferred (When does the annuity start?)
    -- Lifetime or term (Payments for life -- however long that might be or for a fixed period of time.)
    -- Single or joint (The payments are guaranteed for whose lifetime?)
    -- And issues like survivor benefits, guarantees about return of premium and more...

    You might benefit from consulting with a financial advisor about these decisions. We are happy to refer you to a prescreened expert for a free consultation by phone:

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