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    Asked by someone from Marks, MS on 6/2/2015

    if I want to retire at the age of 62 would I be able to get the full benefit

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  • In general the longer you delay claiming most retirement benefits the greater the monthly or annual benefit amount you will get since the assumption is that total benefit will be delivered over a shorter time, since the expectation is that you will have a shorter life expectancy.

    For example:
    Social Security
    - Age 62 the average benefit is ~ $1,000 / month
    - Age 66 (sample Full Retirement Age) - the average benefit is ~ 30% higher
    - Age 70 (Maximum Retirement Age) - - the average benefit is ~ 75% higher

    Reverse Mortgage: the older you are the greater the % of your home equity you can borrow against and the higher the potential benefit.

    Annuities: the older you are the more money you'll get per dollar invested

    Life Settlements: the older you are the more value you can get from selling your life insurance

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