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  • have reverse mortgage.caregiver and autistic man lives in my home

    Asked by someone from Riverside, CA on 1/11/2016

    When I die will they be kicked out immediately or be given time by the mortgage company to find suitable residence? And if my grandson is my D.O.E. does he have control over my home to do as he wishes such as make my caregiver move out immediately etc. I do not want him to have any control over my home when I die. My caregiver has lived with me almost 8 years and her autistic brother 6 years both with little income as it is. What can I do? And does my grandson have control immediately upon my death or does the reverse mortgage company have the say so?

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  • Your Estate will be given a maximum of 12 months to pay off the Reverse Mortgage. Notice I said "maximum". That means the Estate has to be working diligently with the Lender, otherwise the Lender will require it to be paid off sooner. During that period of time, whoever inherits your property will have control of the property. If you don't want your Caretaker to be forced to leave, you should make that known to whoever inherits your Estate.

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