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  • Transitional phasing into full retirement

    Asked by a 66 year old woman from South Lyon, MI on 7/20/2018

    I've been working for my company for 25 years & have a good 401K account in place. I'm 63 and thinking of retirement in 2 years from my current job. Is there any advice on how to go about transitioning from my current full time Sales role into a different part time role with the same organization and how to approach my employer about this?

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  • If you know of other employees at your company, or elsewhere, who have gone down to part time, you may consider asking them for advice. If other employees have done this transition successfully, it will likely be an easier agreement. You should also take ownership on defining your new role. Have you targeted the part time position where you would like to transfer? Perhaps spend some time getting to know that group and learning more about what they do.

    In decisions where you are making a request, such as this, you always have to be prepared for outcomes that do not go the way you intended:

    - Do you have concerns that sharing your retirement plans will diminish your current role?
    - What will you do if they say no to a part time transition? Will you find work elsewhere? Will you work full time?
    - Will part time work offer you health care? What other benefits will you lose or retain?

    Ultimately, you have complete control to define your path to retirement. If you current company will not accommodate your request, with an open mind and creativity, you can find other opportunities for part time work. If you are clear on your "Why," such as "I want to spend more time with my wife," "I don't want to travel anymore," "I am doing sales, but I want to do training," etc. you will guide yourself to make a great decision for you.

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