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    Asked by a 64 year old man from Rocky Mount, NC on 9/2/2018

    I am a 63 yr old Canadian Citizen. If I get a teaching position in a US university at an average annual income of $75000. Assuming that I get my green card within ten years and plan to retire after working in USA for ten years, how much would I get after retirement?

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  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer your question as the scenario that you presented has many variables and assumptions (e.g, does your employer participate in social security, your eligible via your employment contract, you work 10 full years, your salary 75K every year, your health allows you to work, you meet other eligibility requirements, etc.)

    Assuming that you do qualify for a Social Security benefit, you must remember that it is based on 35 years of work history. Your calculation will start with 25 years of "zero income" and 10 years of income. You can use SSA's quick estimator to experiment with scenarios: https://www.ssa.gov/benefits/retirement/estimator.html

    Best of luck!

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