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  • im trying to locate an old 401k

    Asked by someone from Chicago, IL on 7/29/2019

    im wondering about an old 401k from when i worked at jewels. i cant locate it, im wondering if its with my social security. I have been on dissability due to illnesses.its been 35years since the 401k. How do i locate it? can u advice me.?

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  • You are not alone, every year, millions of Americans leave 401k's at former employers. The good news is that the money stays yours...no matter how long you have forgotten about it.

    The best way to track down an old 401k is to call the 401k provider (e.g., Fidelity, TransAmerica, Schwab, etc.). If you can't remember the company, then try calling your former company to ask about the provider at that time...sometimes this can be tricky if there have been several mergers. Or, you could try finding old tax returns that may contain this information.

    There are a few online resources that help people track down old accounts:

    Good luck!

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