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    Asked by someone from Honesdale, PA on 2/24/2020

    I was told that when you retire, if you are married, only one person can claim their Social Security Benefits, is that true? I am 2 years older than my husband and I want to retire at 59 or 60 and claim my SSI. We both get our social security income right?

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  • Both parties in a married couple can claim Social Security as long as they are both living. If both spouses have individual earnings records, they may choose to file individually and receive their own benefit. If one spouse earned substantially more than the other, then the lower-earning spouse may choose to file for half of the higher-earner's benefit. Each spouse can choose the age that they wish to file, whether it be early, at full retirement age or delayed.

    There are many strategies to consider to optimize your benefit when filing. One strategy is to have the highest earning spouse delay the benefit as long as possible. This ensures that the spouse who lives the longest will receive the highest possible benefit as a widow.

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