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Asked by someone from OR on 4/26/2018
A NewRetirement User says
You can try refinance Tampa reverse mortgage Tampa Tampa construction loan Tampa FHA Loan Tampa VA Loan Tampa Reverse Mortgage (Read More)
Asked by someone from FL on 5/19/2019
Michelle Dash
Michelle Dash, Financial Advisor says
The estimations provided by Social Security represent the amount before taxes. Your adjusted gross income will determine the rate, if any, will be taxed. (Read More)
Asked by someone from VA on 12/19/2018
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, I'm not familiar with any of them so can't offer an opinion. For what it's worth - there are an increasing number of fee only and hourly financial planners available. Here's an overview of the kind of planners out there: ... (Read More)
Asked by a 64 year old man from WA on 3/6/2019
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, Once you reach your full retirement age - there isn't a "work penalty" from claiming Social Security, but in general the best practice is for the higher earning spouse (if married) to delay claiming as long as possible. You can also model this in ... (Read More)
Asked by someone from MO on 2/21/2019
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
You can get a ball park estimate using this tool and request to talk with a lender, but a lender is the best person to talk to about this. It's best to talk with multiple lenders so you get different perspectives (Read More)
Asked by a 49 year old man from AL on 3/16/2019
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, Thanks for your note - this is a feature that we are strongly considering for the latter half of 2019. We have been busy adding other features though - you can see some here: Any other suggestions are welcome. Best, Steve (Read More)

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