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Asked by a 65 year old man from PA on 11/18/2019
Michelle Dash
Michelle Dash, Financial Advisor says
Your benefit is based on the highest 35 years of pay, quite a long time period compared to the handful of months you are considering. Likely, the difference in working longer will make a marginal difference, especially if you have many years where you earned a similar amount of income. Additionally, in April you would have only worked a 1/2 year, ... (Read More)
Asked by someone from CO on 3/25/2019
A NewRetirement User says
Often times, there are big changes that are made in the pension law, which will cause the elder people to suffer after retirement. The pension law has many different aspects, and it can get change, in Time. so whenever you feel like, some negative change was announced with your pension, you should directly take help from the elder law NJ ( ... (Read More)
Asked by someone from WA on 7/15/2017
A NewRetirement User says
What advantage did you get from them? (Read More)
Asked by a 61 year old man from IL on 8/12/2019
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, Good question: there are actually two components to risk tolerance: 1) Your financial capacity for risk - ex. most people of "moderate means" should not be investing in super risky investments that could put a huge dent into their savings and materially impact their future quality of life. 2) Your emotional or behavioral capacity for ... (Read More)
Asked by a 66 year old man from FL on 10/19/2019
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, The Planner automatically calculates Federal income taxes (and does a blended State tax assumption). If you subscribe to Plus - then the system models Federal and State income taxes and provides more precise capital gains tax modeling as well. (Read More)
Asked by someone from CA on 8/14/2017
A NewRetirement User says
According to the rules, the borrower’s home must be a single-family residence, HUD-approved condo project, manufactured house that meets FHA requirements, or a two-to-four-unit building where they occupy one unit. Other considerations are: The home is the borrower’s principal residence and the borrower owns their home outright or has a low enough ... (Read More)

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