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Asked by a 62 year old man from NJ on 7/24/2017
Dana Anspach
Dana Anspach, CFP, RIA says
If you stop working at 61, but wait to begin benefits until your FULL RETIREMENT AGE (FRA - which is likely age 66 or 67 for you - it depends on your day and year of birth) then you'll get the full FRA amount. You don't get a reduction because the reduction or increase is based on the age you claim, not the age you stop working. If you wait until ... (Read More)
Asked by a 59 year old man from IA on 7/4/2017
Marc Jimenez
Marc Jimenez, CFA, CFP says
Good afternoon Sir, Most retirement plans don't permit "in-kind" transfers to a rollover IRA. However, since your 401k plan is with Fidelity and you have an IRA with Fidelity, this may be possible as Fidelity has allowed this in the past. You should check with Fidelity to confirm before doing anything. One more thing. Since you don't plan to ... (Read More)
Asked by someone from AZ on 6/23/2017
Henry Hebeler
Henry Hebeler,  says
Call the IRS. They may help. Otherwise you'll have to file a complaint with the Dept. of Labor. (Read More)
Asked by someone from TX on 7/5/2017
Henry Hebeler
Henry Hebeler,  says
It can't be paid back, but you can get an immediate annuity from Vanguard or an insurance company. I have three from Vanguard. Check for competitive rates. (Read More)
Asked by someone from NY on 6/9/2017
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, Our site is focused on helping consumers build their own retirement plans to secure their future. Having said that some of the big risks we think that people should consider when planning for retirement are: - Longevity & outliving their assets - Market Volatility - Inflation - Government Program changes - Health care & Long Term ... (Read More)
Asked by a 65 year old man from MN on 6/11/2017
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, There is a "work penalty" if you make over a certain amount of money per year before your full retirement age - which you can check here: "If you are under full retirement age for the entire year, we deduct $1 from your benefit ... (Read More)

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