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Asked on 12/5/2012
A NewRetirement User says
Yes alot (Read More)
Asked on 11/27/2012
A NewRetirement User says
Yes at age 62, on your day off can file at age 61 and 9 month.ok (Read More)
Asked by a 62 year old man from WA on 3/9/2018
Marc Jimenez
Marc Jimenez, CFA, CFP says
Dear Sir, Congratulations on doing a great job of saving and investing for you and your wife. Given your sources of income, it sounds like you can meet both your essential and discretionary needs without any issues. At our firm, clients ask us similar questions all the time. Depending on the amount of pension income you expect to receive ... (Read More)
Asked by a 60 year old man from CT on 2/22/2018
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Great question. Right now you should just boost your savings rate so that the proper amount is being added to the account. We have logged a work item to allow users to note when company matching contributions are being made. (Read More)
Asked by someone from MI on 1/9/2018
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
Hi, Congrats on building up a significant nest egg. You have several things in your favor: 1) Lifetime health care - this is huge 2) A good understanding of your income needs 3) A history of saving money 4) A plan to work part time in retirement 5) A hobby that you want to pursue - this is actually really important ... (Read More)
Asked by a 64 year old man from AL on 1/4/2018
Steve Chen
Steve Chen, Retirement Advisor says
First - thank you for your service - my dad is an Army Veteran and my sister is in the Marines now. Second - I'm sorry for the loss of your wife. If you were the primary earner in your family, then your benefit may not increase, since your wife's benefit was likely based on your earnings record. The Social Security Administration has some ... (Read More)

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