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Asked on 8/9/2008
A NewRetirement User says
How many quarters have I earned (Read More)
Asked by someone from NC on 9/6/2016
Henry Hebeler
Henry Hebeler,  says
I believe it is likely to be legal. I would guess that your company needed to reduce its labor force. Once the reductions actually started, they had less incentive to pay as much. If you quit when the offer was a $92k lump sum and the offer was in writing, that's a different situation in which case you might want to contact someone specializing ... (Read More)
Asked by someone from TX on 9/6/2016
Henry Hebeler
Henry Hebeler,  says
Yes, the amount you will get and that for a spouse will be smaller for the rest of your lives. Within the first year, you can stop if you pay back all you have received, and then start again with a higher payment. You can also suspend your payments and restart with a higher benefit on the restart. That said, it's much, much, better if you simply ... (Read More)
Asked by someone from KY on 9/18/2016
Henry Hebeler
Henry Hebeler,  says
The combination of rules for RR, SS and public pensions are complex. Go to your local SSA office with both social security numbers and ask them to check and explain. They need their computers. (Read More)
Asked by someone from ND on 9/20/2016
Henry Hebeler
Henry Hebeler,  says
You can do this for a small payment penalty for the rest of your life. Why don't you just wait til you are your full-retirement-age (about 66) or, even better, 70 if you are still supporting yourself with a paycheck? The only benefit to starting early is if you are sure that neither you nor a spouse will live past 82. That's a bad bet for most ... (Read More)
Asked by someone from VA on 9/5/2016
Steve Chen
Steve Chen,  says
This calculator will help answer your question. You may also want to build a full retirement plan to explore other variables in addition to Social Security: (Read More)

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