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Hi Mr.Bud, Please help me! I have recently left my job After 21yrs. I have been offered a one time lump sum payout. This amount has changed 4 times within 4 months. In April it started off at 92,000... 4 days later it dropped to 73,000... 2 weeks after that it was 65,000. And not it is 60,000. Is this legal?? I clearly did. It fully understand all this involve the before I left my job to recieve this pension.im pretty much screwed now! Please Advise and rhanks
Asked by someone from Farmville, NC on 9/25/2016

I believe it is likely to be legal. I would guess that your company needed to reduce its labor force. Once the reductions actually started, they had less incentive to pay as much. If you quit when the offer was a $92k lump sum and the offer was in writing, that's a different situation in which case you might want to contact someone specializing in labor law.

Henry Hebeler
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