How the NewRetirement Planner Works

We created NewRetirement because our own parents needed affordable retirement advice. Existing resources were too expensive, confusing and they only helped with investments.

Now over 10 million people have planned retirement using our easy, unbiased and comprehensive tools.


Find the Answers You Need...

For all of your retirement questions, this powerful tool provides the answers. The system does thousands of calculations for you and illustrates your information with easy to read charts.

Will You Run Out? The system calculates how long your savings will last.

What is Your Net Worth? Learn about your different sources of wealth and if you will have anything to pass on.

How Much do You Need? Find out how much you need and how much you will have at 3 different times.

How Do You Compare? Find out how your income, expenses, assets, debt and net worth compare to others in your zip.

Cashflow Positive? Track income, expenses and savings withdrawals from now till your life expectancy.

Test Drive Different Retirement Scenarios

This system puts you in charge. Enter your info once, then change hundreds of data points and INSTANTLY see if your retirement plan improved, stayed the same or got worse.

Make a change and find out what happens if you:

Maintain and Update Your Plan Over Time

This is not a calculator to use once for 5 minutes then forget. This is a retirement planning tool that enables you to learn a lot today and then evolve your plan over time.

You set the terms: your goals, your beliefs, your priorities. Work at your own – over time. Full access to expert articles to clarify concepts, products and terms. Explore pros and cons of decisions. Step by step guiadance to a secure retirement plan.

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