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Inspector Get greater insight into your plan so you can discover opportunities and make better decisions
Coach NewRetirement will monitor your plan and alert you to big risks, oversights and options to improve your plan

Coming in 2018

Advanced Forecasting

Monte Carlo & Historical modeling to enable better scenario modeling

  • Forecast your plan using Monte Carlo simulations
  • Back test your plan - what happens if we have another great depression?
  • Create scenarios so you're confident in your plan

Withdrawals Planner

Model and discover the best way to position & drawdown your assets to maximize income & wealth

  • Model different ways to tune your draw down strategy
  • Solve for the most tax efficient draw down plan
  • Find ways to boost lifetime income for you and your spouse

Tax Insight

Get guidance on how to minimize future taxes

  • Forecast and plan for tax efficiency
  • Minimize the impact of RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions)
  • Position holdings properly

Social Security Advisor

Make the most of Social Security for you and your spouse

  • Get a recommended claiming strategy
  • Maximize your benefits
  • Explore opportunities even if you have already claimed Social Security
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