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How is NewRetirement Different?

We’re on YOUR Side. Period.

Most of the investment industry is pushing you to save & invest more – since their fees are based on your total assets. Unlike many advisors we are paid a flat fee by you so we have no incentive to push a particular product or provider. This removes any conflicts of interest. NewRetirement and our expert team* is paid for the services we provide to you – just like a lawyer or CPA. If you have $250K or $1M or $5M – our pricing is based on what you need – not on how much you have.

We Keep Your Costs Low

We are continually enhancing & refining our collaborative planning process. You can do it yourself for free, use our advanced tools for a small fee or work with an expert who can provide holistic planning for a fixed fee when and where you want. Investment Advisory Services provided by 3rd party NewRetirement approved firms such as CAM Investor Solutions, an SEC registered investment advisor. CAM Investor Solutions is not affiliated with NewRetirement.

Get a Holistic Tailored Retirement Plan

What are your goals, what kind of lifestyle do you want, where do you want to live, how much risk are you comfortable with, do you want an encore career, will you consider home equity, do you want to hedge longevity risk, how is your health – we collaboratively work these kinds of questions through to create a retirement plan that is unique to you.

Get The Most Out of Retirement

We are experts in and focused on helping people efficiently use their assets (decumulation) to achieve a secure income, SO THAT they can pursue their dreams.

Founder, Steve Chen

Our Story

NewRetirement is a new approach for retirement planning – comprehensive, easy, personalized and designed for regular people. We started this company because our own parents needed help with retirement planning and there were not any affordable and trustworthy resources.

NewRetirement’s calculator is designed for anyone who is worried about their retirement – especially people nearing the end of their careers who are in their 50s and 60s. We help people figure out how to draw down their savings as well as think through things like Social Security, income streams, Medicare, work and phased retirement and how to manage debt, expenses and out-of-pocket medical costs to live as securely as possible.

The system puts you in charge of how you want to use your resources so that you can make better decisions about your future.

Disclaimer: The content, calculators & tools on NewRetirement.com are for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. NewRetirement Planner and PlannerPlus are tools that individuals can use on their own behalf to help think through their future plans, but should not be acted upon as a complete financial plan. We strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a financial services professional who has a fiduciary relationship with you before making any type of investment or significant financial decision. NewRetirement strives to keep its information & tools accurate and up to date. This information presented is based on objective analysis, but it may not be the same that you find on a particular financial institution, service provider or specific product’s site. All content, tools, financial products, calculations, estimates, forecasts, comparison shopping products and services are presented without warranty. Additionally, this site may be compensated through third party advertisers.

Investment Advisory Services provided by 3rd party NewRetirement approved firms such as CAM Investor Solutions, an SEC registered investment advisor. CAM Investor Solutions is not affiliated with NewRetirement.

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