12 Lifestyle Blogs That Help You Imagine a Happy and Healthy Retirement

There’s certainly no shortage of retirement blogs, but many, if not most of them, focus on financial matters. That’s important, but not everything in retirement revolves around money.

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Retirement can be an adventure, and all that you need is a little inspiration.

That’s like saying once you retire, you’re only interested in saving money, keeping money, investing money, and worrying about money. Not all retirement blogs have such a narrow focus. Some of them are about retirement life.

If you want to broaden your reading horizons, a retirement lifestyle blog or two might be just the ticket. Here are four worth checking out.

1. Retirement Yenta

This blog has a dash of wit and some good advice about living a better retirement life. The name alone is a jab at its author, since Yenta is Yiddish for “gossip” or “busybody.”

The posts have an equally lighthearted take on topics from yoga for stress relief and embracing a more leisurely lifestyle to which sneakers are worth the investment and why working from the comfort of your own bed might be something to try.

Retirement Yenta is Robin Murray, a sort-of retired owner and founder of RM Strategic Marketing. She mostly avoids financial topics, although saving money is a common theme.

Plan for retirement
Travel blogs let you try on a destination before packing your bags.

2. Never Stop Traveling

Want to see the world but you’re not sure where to start? There’s no shortage of destination inspiration at Never Stop Traveling. This blog has a lot of travel eye candy.

You’ll see post after post loaded with photos that show what to do in different destinations around the world. Want to know the best way to see Oslo, Norway? Interested in American history? Dying to visit Ireland for the first time? Or are you looking for a dreamy food tour of Europe? This blog has what you need.

Never Stop Traveling is Editor Jim Ferri and contributors Marjorie Jean, Marcia Raffel Levin, Donna Manz, Tony Tedeschi, and Bill Warelis, all of whom lend their firsthand experience with world travel to the blog.

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Day-to-day life topics help you adjust to your own schedule and goals.

3. Retirement – Only the Beginning

This blog has a well-rounded, baby boomer approach to all things retirement. There’s a bit of financial advice woven in here and there, but it’s balanced by blog posts on a lot of other topics.

You’ll find essays on what it’s like to have no real time clock to follow, how to survive moving house, adjusting when both spouses are retired, avoiding boredom, and plenty on travel.

Retirement – Only the Beginning is author Dave Bernard, who also writes for US News & World Report’s “On Retirement.” He’s also contributed to several books about retirement, including 65 Things to Do When You Retire and 65 Things to Do When You Retire – Travel.

4. Home Free Adventures

This blog might offer more of a break from your regularly scheduled life instead of retirement advice. But then again, that all depends on what you want out of retirement.

Home Free Adventures chronicles the nomadic life of a couple who sold their family home, did away with most of their possessions and hit the road to live around the world. They call it “Sell the House, See the World Retirement.” And they mean it. When the authors talk about how to do Thanksgiving as an expat, eating tamales in San Miguel se Allende, and experiencing London as temporary resident, they know whereof they speak.

Home Free Adventures is novelist Tim Martin and his wife Lynne. Their blog is a lively spot filled with photos, videos, podcasts and accountings of what it’s really like to have roots all over the world.

Retirement doesn’t have to be dull as lukewarm dishwater or serious as crunching investment numbers. The purpose of money is to have the life that you want. And retirement lifestyle blogs might help inspire you to catch your own wave.

NewRetirement is all about a new way to retire. Modern retirees don’t sit around and collect pensions while watching the daisies bloom; they’re as actively involved in this brand new stage of life as with any other. Of course finances are an important part of any life, and that’s were we come in.

Thinking about your own retirement adventures and wondering how to finance them? Check out our retirement calculator, and we’ll help you find the right plan for your lifestyle.

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