2014! New Year Resolutions for Your Retirement!

As the New Year begins, it is the traditional time to set goals for improving your life. Here are a few resolution recommendations for anyone at or around retirement age:
Create a Retirement Plan: Contrary to popular wisdom, most people enter retirement without much of a long term plan. However, it is critical that you assess your current and long term financial health and it is never too late. Start with an online calculator like the NewRetirement Retirement Calculator and follow up with an advisor if you think it will be helpful.
• Set a Budget: Maybe this is the year we will all stick to it.
• Set Goals for What You Want Out of Life: Retirement is now seen as more of a start to life than an end… It is an ideal time to identify what is important to you and do exactly that.

Research indicates that less than 15 percent of people over 50 achieve their resolutions. (In fact, the younger you are, the more likely you are to achieve your resolution.)  However, you can improve your chance of keeping your resolution by:

  • Choosing a goal that is specific and realistic
  • Picking just one goal
  • Starting with small steps
  • Setting intermediate milestones
  • Getting support from family and friends

What is your resolution? Share it here.  (Sharing is something else that helps you stick to your resolution!)

Here are a few additional retirement resolution ideas from other publications:

Start Your Plan with the NewRetirement Calculator.

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NewRetirement Planner

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