Janet Berry-Johnson

Janet Berry-Johnson is a CPA and a freelance writer with a background in accounting and insurance. Janet lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and son and their rescue dog, Dexter. Outside of work and family time, she enjoys cooking, reading historical fiction and binge-watching Real Housewives.

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10 Best TED Talks to Help You Have a Better Retirement

You want to have a better retirement. But how do you get there? You could spend hours researching the latest science behind happiness, personal finance and investment theory, and health research. Or you can take a few minutes to watch the best TED Talks related to retirement. With their engaging speakers and easy-to-digest format, even…

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Are You Saving Too Much for Retirement? (It’s More Common than You Might Think)

We hear a lot of horror stories these days about people saving too little, but the fact is that some people are actually saving too much for retirement. It is possible to have too much of a good thing… It’s safe to say that my grandfather is one who saved too much because even though…

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5 Things No One Tells You about Retirement That You NEED to Know

The plan is simple: work until age 65, then retire and enjoy the good life — golfing, travel, gardening, being a grandparent, and sleeping in. It’s what you’ve been looking forward to for the last forty or so years, but you could be in for big surprises. There are quite a few important issues that…