Author: Kathleen Coxwell

retirement crisis

Retirement Crisis? Maybe, But the Reality is that Most People Will Retire Happily and Be Just Fine

Many of us are terrified of jumping into retirement. We read about the retirement crisis and worry about our own finances, but millions of people retire every year and report feeling great about their lives.  Is it possible that you should Keep Calm and Retire On?  How Worried Do You Need to Be About the…

marry or live together

Shack Up and Save? What Are the Financial Advantages and Disadvantages to Marriage Later in Life

More and more couples over the ages of 60 are favoring cohabitation over marriage.  In fact, cohabitation among people over the age of 60 more than quadrupled between 2000 and 2020. What is Driving the Trend Toward Cohabitation? There are quite a few factors driving the trend toward cohabitation for people over 50 or 60.…