Tricia Drago

Tricia has over 20 years progressive accounting, 10 years operational management and 5 years of executive management experience. She is passionate about helping consumers find creative solutions to their financial needs for retirement.

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Over 62? Which is Better a HECM or HELOC for Tapping Home Equity in Retirement?

If you are like many retired American homeowners, you may have seriously considered accessing your home equity through a  Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Utilizing a traditional HELOC can be a great short term solution to bridge the gap on unexpected expenses, consolidate higher interest debt, or make home improvements.  However, this type of…

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How Reverse Mortgages Work: Do You Agree With the Top 6 Reverse Mortgage Objections?

At NewRetirement we understand that it is almost impossible to save enough cash for retirement.  We hear awful stories of seniors suffering financially. However, many of you have paid off or paid down your mortgages and actually have substantial savings in your home equity.  You are just not interested in using it even though this…


Ideas for a House Rich and Cash Poor Retirement

Going into retirement we plan for unexpected emergencies, we hope the economy improves, we tighten up our belts if need be, but mostly we sacrifice. We sacrifice our finances for our children’s futures, we sacrifice our health and relationships for the benefit of our careers and ultimately our employers, and we sacrifice the most precious…

A Disagreement Between Old Friends About Reverse Mortgages

Have you ever overheard someone trying to win an argument with completely wrong facts? This happened to me recently while having dinner with the family at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We were celebrating Nana’s 86th with nine grown grandchildren and their spouses and six great grandchildren in attendance. There were also a few family friends…