Chief Marketing Officer

We are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer with the ability to think big and strategically but who is also capable of getting the nitty gritty everyday done.  The primary qualifications are intelligence, deep knowledge of a wide variety of marketing disciplines, nimbleness and the ability to work across different business areas and gain consensus among team members. 

You must have a background in online consumer marketing, knowledge of personal finance and start up experience.

You will be THE voice for our customers within the organization, bringing your insights to cross-functional stakeholders across product, design, user experience, engineering, and executive leadership. 

You must be able to roll up your sleeves to get started, learn from existing team members and build a team, internally and externally, to help you execute on the strategy we develop. 

Specific responsibilities will include:

Refine our brand attributes, messaging and design and manage deployment across all areas of the business. Bring our brand to life in clear and consistent ways that resonate with and motivate our target audience.  Start by ramping up on all previous learnings and conduct customer research 
Help team to expand our market from our current niche of power planners to the mass affluent
Define and implement our marketing budget for growth programs — hitting specific targets for user acquisition with the most efficient spending. Program mix might include:
Public relations
SEO and content management
Paid search and content marketing
Social programming and advertising
Offline programs, if deemed appropriate
Determine the best way to turn prospects into active users — hitting specific targets for activation 
Helping us get to the ideal product market fit, including:
Using your expertise to help define our strategies for retention, revenue and referrals.  
Provide strategic input to product development, helping to define initiatives and priorities
Define pricing tests 
Enhance our outbound communications to our growing existing user base, including drip campaigns, newsletters and other promotions
In addition to consumer facing marketing, you will help with corporate public relations and communications, positioning us as an innovator