What’s New? Recent Enhancements to the NewRetirement Planner

At NewRetirement, we are committed to providing you with tools and services to achieve a more secure future.

We listen to every suggestion and try hard to prioritize what is most important. Recent improvements have included:

1. The NewRetirement Classroom: New Thematic Classes

Last quarter we rolled out the Build Your NewRetirement Plan class, an 8 week session designed to help you create an accurate plan, gain insight into whether your resources align with your retirement dreams, and get ideas for how you can do better. It was really well received.

Thematic Classes

We are now adding more in depth thematic classes on 16 different financial planning topics, including: tax planning, portfolio and and asset allocation strategies, building your income plan, and meeting your goals for spending, stewardship, legacy, and asset transfer.

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2. Updates to Tax Modeling

The following updates to the NewRetirement tax modeling may have impacted your projections:

1. State taxes were set to 3% for Free Planner users. (This change does not impact Plus subscribers whose projections are based on the state income tax rate for where you live.)

2. RMD tables were updated with the latest 2022 tax laws.

3. Taxes on Social Security are now more accurately projected on all plans. This change is likely to be noticeable if you are 10 years from retirement and in the middle income range.

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3. It’s Easier to Try Out Different Possible Retirement Dates

  1. Anywhere you want to use retirement age in your calculations (income, contributions, etc…), specify “retirement age” as your “start” or “stop age.”
  2. Next, assess your “chance of success” and other insights for any retirement age you are considering.
  3. Discover the right time for you to retire.

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4. Link Retirement Savings to Your Work Income, Including Employer Match

The NewRetirement Planner now enables you to link your retirement savings to your work income. You can specify a dollar amount, percent of income, and employer matching. This powerful enhancement makes your retirement plan more accurate and easier to maintain.

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5. 2022 Tax and Benefits Updates Were Made to the Retirement Planner

The NewRetirement Planner was updated to use the latest figures available from the federal government for 2022 federal tax rates, Medicare estimates, and Social Security wage limits, as well as state tax rates.

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And, Here Are Enhancements from the End of 2021

1. Introduction of Online Courses Starting with: Build Your NewRetirement Plan

Learn how to create an accurate plan, gain insight into whether our resources align with your retirement dreams, and get ideas for how you can do better.

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2. Model a Future Change to Your Rates of Return

You can now model a change to your future rates of return for each investment account. This gives you better visibility into future wealth if you plan to decrease (or increase) your investment risk.

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3. Plan by Month, Not Just Year

You had been waiting for this. All dates in the NewRetirement Planner can now be specified by month. This is a significant enhancement. Your outcomes may be different and your plans will be more accurate.

See how your plan changes when you specify months.

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4. Help Center

Have you checked out the Help Center the NewRetirement Planner? You will find FAQs, guides, and video tutorials for how to do things in the Planner, and a new video series covering financial fundamentals.

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5. Fast Edits When Exploring Custom Roth Conversion Strategies

Now, in addition to 1) using the Roth Conversion Explorer and/or 2) modeling Roth conversions in money flows, you can also make fast edits to your documented Roth conversion amounts and immediately review taxable income charts.

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Model or update conversions with Money Flows…

6. Exclude Specific Accounts from Automatic Withdrawals to Fund Expenses

Get more control over how your money is modeled by excluding any specific account from drawdowns to cover expenses.

The Planner defaults to taking first from income, followed by tapping accounts in this order: taxable savings, tax-deferred accounts, Roths, then HSAs.

You can now exclude specific accounts from withdrawals. (And, use “Money Flows” to direct money to a specific expense.) It also excludes the account from RMDs and consideration in the Roth Conversion Explorer.

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About NewRetirement

For people who want clarity about their choices today and their financial security tomorrow, NewRetirement is a financial planning platform that gives people the ability to discover, design and manage personalized paths to a secure future.

Our goal is to make high quality low cost financial guidance available to everyone. More than 155,000 people representing more than $168 Billion in wealth currently trust the system to make the most of their money and time. The platform can be co-branded or white labeled for partners. Additionally, the company provides API access to companies who wish to embed planning functionality within their own site.

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NewRetirement Planner

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