Enterprise Companies and Employers

NewRetirement enables companies to offer financial planning and guidance at scale.

NewRetirement is built for financial services companies and employers. It is easy to use and enables customers to do holistic accumulation and decumulation planning at scale.  Leverage NewRetirement’s technology and AI to provide strategic outreach to your customers to drive additional revenue and personalized offers. 

Expand your Market and Grow Revenue

Allow customers to build a plan and discover opportunities to do better.

Increase Customer Base
Engage customers early in their financial journey. Offer products and Advisor Services personalized to the stage of their financial life.
Drive Sales and Engagement with AI
Leverage Virtual Financial Advisor and Explorer tools to help customers identify personalized suggestions for saving efficiently, decumulating assets, leveraging insurance products, etc.
Customize the Platform

Organizations can use NewRetirement’s Platform to get to market quickly, as well as streamline data to and from multiple sources.

White Label Version
Create a company-branded solution that drives customers to your product, services, and content.
API Access to Calculations
Embed NewRetirement’s functionality into your site, or feed supplemental data into the Platform.
Initiate Repeat Usage

Customers love taking control of their financial plans and exploring possibilities. Here’s how it works, customers:

  1. Create a Detailed Plan
  2. See Where They Stand
  3. Learn Financial Strategies to Optimize Decisions
  4. Monitor their situation

Equipped with knowledge, customers will seek your products, expertise, and support for the execution of key decisions.

“The calculations are the most comprehensive out there, encompassing all aspects of the retirement puzzle.” |Holly from Lakeland, FL

Product Features

PlannerPlus is the world’s best financial planning tool, combining technology, insights, education, and community.

  • Simple UX for plan creation
  • Enter planning goals
  • Track current and future cashflow
  • 100+ plan assumptions to personalize
  • Interactive plan updates in real-time
  • Federal and State tax insights
  • Multiple strategies for decumulation
  • Explorers for optimization (Social Security, Roth Conversions)
  • 20+ analysis and projection charts
  • 150+ built-in coach suggestions using AI
  • 1,500+ educational articles
  • Online help center and chat support
  • Community learning events
Contact Us

Email enterprise@newretirement.com for more information about how NewRetirement’s Platform can help your customers.