Advanced Financial Planning Platform

Advanced Financial Planning and Guidance at Scale
Combining innovative AI-based technology, running thousands of scenarios, with insights and education to boost clients financial IQ.
Holistic planning platform for lifetime income management
Unlike traditional financial planning resources that are basic, misaligned with people’s goals or out of touch with their resources, NewRetirement is holistic and focused on empowering people with personalized analysis and insights to drive deeper engagement in digital financial planning.

Holistic Plan View

  • Work Income
  • Spouse Income
  • 401k Account
  • HSA Account
  • Brokerage Account
  • Home Equity
  • Rental Income
  • Social Security
  • Withdrawal Plan
  • Tax Optimization
  • Roth Conversion
  • Taxes
  • Mortgage
  • Relocation
  • Other Savings
  • Other Debts
  • Expenses
  • Healthcare
  • Estate Plan
  • Total Net Worth
  • Plan Success Scoring
  • Financial Education
  • Income Modeling
  • Scenario Modeling

Only with NewRetirement
Accumulation and Decumulation planning
  • Holistic planning, with both accumulation and decumulation, for lifetime income
Interactive Community Helps Drive Innovation
  • Direct relationships with active user community of power users feeding rapid product innovations
Key Features
  • 100+ personalized plan assumptions
  • Simple UX for plan creation and scenario modeling
  • Track current and future cash flow
  • Interactive plan updates in real-time
  • Federal and State tax insights
  • Multiple strategies for decumulation
  • Explorers for optimization (Social Security, Roth Conversion)
  • 20+ analysis and projection charts
  • 150+ built-in coach suggestions using AI
  • 1,500+ educational articles
  • Online help center and chat support
  • Community learning events

Multiple Delivery Options

AI-based Financial Planning and Management Platform

White Label Version
  • Planner + UX
  • Customer branded
  • Custom content
  • Custom rules
  • Integration
  • Hosted & fully supported

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Backend API
  • Build new products and tools
  • Enhance existing digital products
  • Access full FPE functionality via open, fully documented API
  • Hosted & fully supported

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Value Add Optimizers
  • Tax Optimization
  • Social Security
  • Roth Conversion
  • Relocation
  • Healthcare
  • Retirement Calculator
  • Delivered as Widgets

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Proven by End Users

“Best solution for the DIY financial and retirement planner I have found in 20 years.”

Greg R.

“I am a big fan. The thoroughness made me feel confident about retiring early. (I had Schwab run my numbers. They had only 25% of the detail offered by NewRetirement.)”

Kathy from Johnson City, TN

“Great financial planning software geared towards building a successful retirement.”

Ken K.

“It is the best retirement financial program out there and I've tried quite a few.”

Bob D.

“I have used several retirement planners and this is by far the most intuitive and encompassing.”

Glen W.

“Most complete and easiest to use service out there.”

Mike B.

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Award Recognition

NewRetirement was voted best retirement platform
by Forbes and the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)

American Association of Individual Investors

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