We Want to Help: Find As Much or As Little Help As You Need with Your Retirement and Financial Plans

 At NewRetirement, we imagine a world where holistic financial advice is available to everyone.

Traditionally, financial advice cost a lot and it hasn’t always been clear if the recommendations were right for you. Our mission is to harness technology to make high quality and unbiased guidance available, affordable, and understandable to everyone. 

The Problems with Traditional Advisors

Traditional financial advice – advice from financial advisors – can sometimes be problematic. It can be:

Expensive: Most advisors use an Assets Under Management (AUM) model which can cost a lot and does not necessarily align the advisor with the client’s financial goals.

Biased: Very often advisors associated with a brokerage are more interested in selling you specific financial products rather than your particular goals.

Exclusive: Many advisors won’t take on clients who don’t have much in the way of savings.

Inconsistent: Each advisor runs their own playbook and it is hard to find a match in philosophies, temperament, and expertise. Furthermore,

Unavailable: There are actually not enough great advisors available to serve even those with enough wealth to warrant an advisor.

Untrustworthy: People don’t know where to start and who to trust.

Siloed: It is not uncommon for people to get help with their investments from their workplace or bank. And, you might get guidance on insurance from an agent. Tax advice comes from an accountant. And, you are on your own for budget, goals, withdrawals, debt, alternative investments, and other important financial topics. However, all of these financial silos impact each other. Whereas integrated or holistic planning improves outcomes.

The Solution? A Hybrid (Digital and Human) Approach to Financial Planning

NewRetirement is best known for the NewRetirement Planner, a digital platform that enables you to take financial wellness into your own hands. This 360 planning system enables you to go beyond savings and investments to build and maintain a holistic financial plan. We want to help you better with your time, taxes, income, insurance, debt, real estate, benefits, health, savings, investments, and more.

Supplement Digital Planning with Human Relationships

While we are very proud of our tools, we know that sometimes people just need to talk to someone, especially about matters as important as your money.

Did you know that we supplement our digital planning tools with human relationships?

We have a vision for collaborative planning where the best elements of digital experiences are brought together with both peer and professional human expertise.

The collaboration produces better financial outcomes.

Collaborative Planning: Explore NewRetirement’s Human Support and Services

The NewRetirement Planner puts your integrated financial plan at your fingertips. And, for some people, that is enough. Others seek more support.

Here are some of the ways NewRetirement can help you with advice, guidance and support from real people:

NewRetirement Advisors: Fee-Only Certified Financial Planners (CFP®)

NewRetirement Advisors can collaborate with you and provide strategies to help you achieve your goals. Our Certified Financial Planners(CFP®) are professional fiduciaries offering flat fee-only engagements based on your needs.

We keep costs low through collaboration on the NewRetirement Planner and offering advice via phone and zoom. Bolster your confidence with professional reassurances and reminders. Set up your engagement with as much support as you need – from annual meetings to on demand questions and phone calls covering any and all aspects of your money.

What happens in the discovery session? We’ll talk about your goals and what you are trying to accomplish in the financial planning process. We’ll talk about whether NewRetirement Advisors is a good fit for you and your needs.

1:1 Coaching

Need a little assistance understanding how to set up and get the most out of the NewRetirement Planner?

Set up a 1:1 coaching session. We will walk you through your plan and help you make sure inputs are accurate and answer questions about how to best use the tool to meet your financial goals.

The NewRetirement Classroom

The NewRetirement Classroom gets rave reviews. Learn alongside peers over zoom.

We have two sessions for you to choose from:

Intro to Building Your Plan: This 8-week course is designed to guide and support you through the process of building a personalized financial plan using the platform. In digestible weekly lessons our plan experts will guide you through plan setup, demonstrate how to best use the Planner, educate you on the financial planning process, and address your questions and concerns.

Deepen Your Understanding of Financial Planning: Go in depth on essential concepts in this year-long course.

Take your plan to the next level as you learn about important concepts such as tax planning, portfolio and and asset allocation strategies, building your income plan, and meeting your goals for spending, stewardship, legacy, and asset transfer. Ensure that your plan is founded on sound financial principles and that your loved ones are protected, informed, and able to carry on the plan.

In App Messaging

Anytime you have a question about how to use the Planner, send us a message (look for the circle in the lower right of your screen). We respond Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific time (and sometimes in the evenings and weekends too).

Discussion Groups

We currently moderate two active discussion groups. These are places where you can discuss all things about planning for retirement. People get useful answers from peers and moderators too.

Demos and Webinars

We host online office hours on a regular basis with quick product demos and webinars.

  • Visit the Live Events page and sign up for one of our upcoming sessions.

Let Us Help!

We want to make it easy for you to have a living, integrated financial plan at your fingertips. You should feel confident about making smart choices across your 401k, investments, savings, loans, credit cards, mortgage, and insurance.

NewRetirement Planner

Do it yourself retirement planning: easy, comprehensive, reliable

NewRetirement Planner

Take financial wellness into your own hands and do it yourself retirement planning: easy, comprehensive, reliable.

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