How You Get Smarter As You Age

So You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Time Magazine, August 15, 2013

For many people over the age of 65, if you were to ask them if they believe that they’re smarter than someone in their 20’s, you would probably get a response along the lines of “Duh!”  However, if you were to ask that same person if they believe their brain works just as well as their twenty-something counterparts, they might take a little more time to think before responding.

Although it’s true that, as we age, our brain’s processing speed might slow down a little, and yes, our memory might start to go, as well.  But what about how we cope with and engage the situations we encounter in everyday life?  Now ask the twenty-something year old who they think would be more adept at dealing with whatever situation is thrown at them.  The young, brash go-getter might tell you to “Bring it on!  I’ll deal with anything you’ve got for me more quickly AND more efficiently than any senior citizen!”  But does science support that theory?

New studies are showing that there are many reasons why older people are more proficient at what’s called “cognitive thinking”.  Read the article listed below for a list of reasons why this is true.

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