Keeping Up with Technology Can Keep the Mind Young: Amie Clark of

The world of technology is constantly changing. Each year, phones, televisions, and computers grow smarter. Social media sites and web application developers give us something new to figure out.

At a certain point, it can be easier to give up on new trends and resign yourself to what you already know. But could that actually work against you?

NewRetirement recently spoke with Amie Clark, the co-founder of, about technology and the human brain.

Do You Think Keeping up With the Trends of the Technology Industry Can Help the Brain?

Absolutely: I think the key to keeping the brain healthy is to keep learning and questioning. Engaging with other people is also such an important piece of keeping the brain operating on all cylinders.

One of my grandmothers is 87. While physically she is quite limited, she uses Facebook, email, and, her tablet daily to keep up with the world around her. She uses these tools to stay connected to the important people in her life. If she had not embraced technology years ago, I’m not sure she would be sharp as she is today!

What Are the Most Common Concerns You’ve Heard From Seniors Regarding Technology?

Technology is moving at lightning speed, and I hear from baby boomers and seniors who say they don’t know where to start.

In addition, our visitors report that it can be difficult to weed through the clutter and decide what options they want (and really need) when they are researching products.

How Do You Respond to Those Concerns?

We address these concerns by making sure that the products we write about are keeping our audience’s best interests in mind. When we review a product, we break it down and talk about the pros and cons. We also focus on any additional features the product may have to help it stand out.

For some people, we are a starting point when it comes to looking at new tech products; and others are looking for our recommendation, which helps a lot of folks make a more informed decision at that point.

We also make sure that our visitors are aware of any “unfriendly business practices” (lengthy contracts, difficult termination, faulty equipment, etc.) by posting that information on our site and allowing other consumers to provide their feedback.

What Are Three Things Seniors Can Do to Keep up With Changing Trends in Technology?

Three things seniors can do to keep up with changing trends are:

  • Don’t be afraid of new technology.
  • Follow our blog for updates on new and old technology.
  • Talk to your kids and grandkids about what they are using and seeing out there.

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