Long Term Care Insurance and The AARP’s Media Blitz (No Relation)

Watch out ladies! You may not be planning and preparing for long term care properly, according to a report by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.  Looking at the data though, I cannot see a link between the economic downturn and the ability for women to plan and prepare for long term care.  Nonetheless, the takeaway from this data is that long term care and long term care insurance are important issues that very often get overlooked.


In other news, be prepared for a media blitz this Labor Day weekend by the AARP as it attempts to prove to retirees that it is has no political leanings in the Healthcare Reform Debate.  They are rolling out with millions of dollars in advertising budget to convince people that they are only looking out to help its members in the Healthcare Debate.  This advertising is rolling out because of the fact the AARP lost 60,000 or so members who thought the association was flat out siding with Democratic camp.  This is yet another reason why I’m glad I have DVR. 

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