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Sure, savings are important but so are taxes, current and future income, where you live, debt, how you spend your time, what you spend money on and more.
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Simple calculators aren’t reliable. Financial advisors cost thousands. We’ll walk you step by step to reliable and thoughtful answers about when to retire and how much you need.
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Run scenarios. See the impact of paying off debt, saving more or reducing taxable income.
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NewRetirement is loaded with features

Roth Conversion Explorer

Get a personalized strategy for how much to convert and when.

Social Security Explorer

Assess the optimal time for you to start benefits.

Tax Insights

See your state and federal estimated taxes for every future year.


You can’t know how much you need without a detailed future budget. Document how your expenses will change over time.

Coach Suggests

Using artificial intelligence, the Planner will assess what might be wrong and how your plan can be improved.

Chart Library

Over 20 charts, including Monte Carlo analysis. Gain insight into (and confidence about ) your money and future security.

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“It is so robust and much more sophisticated than anything else out there.”

Holly from Lakeland, FL

“Having the ability to model taxes is huge. I want to stay in the 12% bracket and the software helps me plan that.”

Jan from Idaho Falls, ID

“NewRetirement is helping guide my Roth conversion strategy. So helpful.”

Armin from El Cerrito, CA

“I am a big fan. The thoroughness made me feel confident about retiring early. (I had Schwab run my numbers. They had only 25% of the detail offered by NewRetirement.)”

Kathy from Johnson City, TN

“I’m a financial planning professor and suggest this to many of my students as a valuable tool.”

Prof from Pasadena, CA

“More thorough and just better than the so called 'plan' created for me by my advisor. And, when something changes in my life, bingo! I use the tool and make sure I still live longer than my money! ”

Steve from Bristol, CT

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