Public Worker’s Benefits Will Most Likely Be Cut in New Jersey

This week, New Jersey lawmakers passed a bill that severely cuts the benefits of government workers and retirees.  This new legislation not only decreases union’s collective bargaining rights, it also raises retirement ages, increases the amount workers must now pay for their health insurance and suspends cost-of-living (COLA) increases to retirees’ pension checks,  The most shocking part of this bill is that it was passed in New Jersey, a state that is typically pro-labor with Democrats controlling both houses of the Legislature.

The move by New Jersey to strip workers of their previous benefits will save the state approximately $132 billion over the next 30 years.  But many argue that the state is fixing the problem by hurting those who have worked hard their entire lives for their state.  What do you think?  Have union’s become out of control and it’s time to reign them back in to help fix budget problems?  Or is this a case of the working class having to bear the brunt of a broken system?

Read more here in the article, “New Jersey Legislature Moves to Cut Benefits for Public Workers.”

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