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Jobs for Seniors: What Are the Best Jobs After Retirement?

So, for either financial or personal reasons you think you might want to work past the traditional retirement age of 65. Read below to get answers about the best jobs for seniors: Are there many options for work as a retiree? How do you find the right jobs after retirement? The Big Takeaways… It’s important…

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starting a business after retirement: business ideas for the over 50s

Starting a Business After Retirement: 12 Business Ideas for the Over 50s

Some individuals dream of the day when they can do absolutely nothing. To them, retirement is a euphoric future of sleeping in, lounging in the sun, and thinking as little as possible for the next 30 years of their lives. For most of us though, a life of zero activity and thought would drive us…

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how to make money in retirement

How to Make Money in Retirement: 14 Real and Really Easy Ways to Boost Income

Regardless of where you are in life, it’s always nice to make some extra money.  And that is especially true in retirement. But, how to make money in retirement when your supposed to be simply enjoying the easy life?  The retirement gigs listed below won’t be quite enough to cover retirement expenses, but they won’t…

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reverse retirement

Reverse Retirement: Find Out Why So Many Retirees Are Going Back to Work

An astonishing number of retirees reverse retirement — quit their lives of leisure and go back to work either part or full time.  Is retirement really not all that it is cracked up to be? Going backwards is rarely a good idea, but reversing back into a compelling job can actually have far reaching benefits. …

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Taking a sabbatical leave

Taking a Sabbatical Leave: A Sneaky Way to Get an Early (Temporary) Retirement!

Early retirement is something most of us dream about.  But it is usually just that — a dream.  However, have you considered a sabbatical?  A sabbatical can be a meaningful and highly satisfying way to to get an early, albeit temporary, retirement. Sabbatical or Burnout? Sabbatical Meaning What Exactly? Sabbaticals, mini retirements and gap years…

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Retirement Jobs: 4 Great Opportunities to Work at Home

There really are benefits to going to work every day (having a place to go and people to see can keep us engaged in life in meaningful ways). However, in retirement, many of us dream of jobs with a little more flexibility.  Working at home can give us that flexibility.  And the good news is…

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Jobs for Seniors — How to Find Them

Working as long as possible is a recommended retirement strategy for almost everyone. There are so many benefits to working as long as possible and they are not only financial.  Working keeps you young, happy and healthy. Near retirement and looking for a job? It may be time to teach the old dog some new…

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3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Working Past Retirement Age

The meaning of the word “retirement” continues to evolve. What once signified the end of work now actually means continuing to work — often in new and different ways. Among those of us near retirement, a whopping 72% hope to keep working after retirement, according to a recent national study by Merrill Lynch and Age…

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unhappy at work

Are You Unhappy at Work? Is Retirement the Right Answer?

Job satisfaction in the United States has been falling since the late 1980s.  Across all economic and age levels, around 50 percent of all American workers are unhappy at work according to the Conference Board who has been doing job satisfaction surveys for almost 20 years. Is retirement the answer? Are you retiring to run…

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Supplement Retirement Savings with Income Made Online

The dream of retirement is something for which many of us hope. However, many of us end up bored or without  enough money to continue with our desired standard of living. In some worst-case scenarios, individuals may end up not retiring at all, or may even have to get a part-time job just to make ends…

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Podcast: Ken Goldberg & Eric Brewer – AI, Automation and the Future of Work

Episode 22 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Ken Goldberg, a Robotics Professor from Berkeley, and Eric Brewer, a VP at Google and a Professor of Computer Science at Berkeley. We discuss Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Automation and the Future of Work. We’re live in studio in Mill Valley CA and we cover the…

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Retirement income

9 of the Best Part Time Jobs for Retirees

Reaching retirement doesn’t have to mean that you’ll never work again. In fact, it might be a great opportunity to work on your own terms. Part-time work can help you improve your retirement income and keep you active at the same time. Here are 9 of the best part time jobs for retirees — great…

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Volunteering After Retirement: 6 Tips for Making an Impact

If volunteering after retirement sounds appealing to you, you are not alone. More than ever, workers over 50 are looking toward careers in the nonprofit world, seeking a second chance at purposeful work. In fact, more than 25 million Americans ages 50 to 70 are eager to share their skills, passions and expertise in encore…

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Going Back to Work After Retirement: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

After a lifetime of working and saving, you’ve finally come to the point where you feel comfortable enough to retire. Though the long-winding path to reach this milestone was supposed to bring more peace of mind, instead it precipitated a fear of outliving your money now that you’ve left the workforce. “The main financial motivation…

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5 Part-Time Jobs That Might Keep You Happy in Retirement

Being retired doesn’t mean that you have to stop working. Many retirees enjoy part-time work both for the boost in income and for staying active in the world. Not every job is right for every person. There are some that might not suit your style, but others could be exactly what you’re looking for. Here…

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jobs for seniors

Jobs for Seniors: Prospects Improve Greatly for Older Workers

A recent study reports that jobs for seniors are easier to find. The average retirement age is being pushed back each year and there is no longer a “typical” definition of what retirement is. A large number of older Americans don’t necessarily ever want to stop working completely, for reasons such as keeping themselves busy,…

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Part-time job in retirement

7 Tips for Getting a Great Part-Time Job in Retirement

Many people are finding that they need to work at least part time in retirement to support themselves. Some people also find that they want to continue working in order to stay active. Though retirees can offer an organization incredible experience and insight, not everyone who wants part-time work in retirement is able to find…

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Age Discrimination in the Workplace

New Evidence of Awful Age Discrimination in the Workplace: Protect Your Livelihood (and Future Retirement)

Old. Venerable. Elderly. Veteran. Senior. Long in the tooth. Geriatric. Mature. Seasoned. Geezer. Expert. Grey haired. 50. 60. 70. 80. 90…  No matter what you call it (positive or negative), your age should not matter when it comes to jobs.  However, new research indicates that age discrimination is a very real and measurable thing. This…

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Phased Retirement Gains Popularity: Is it the Right Way for You to Transition to Retirement?

As baby boomers begin to leave the workforce over the next 10 to 20 years, the exodus presents a unique challenge for both retirees and employers. For retirees, leaving the workforce means leaving a steady paycheck and beginning to tap into retirement savings and benefits. For employers, the demographic shift means finding talented replacements for…

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5 Tips for a Second Career In Retirement – Jobs for Seniors

For many retirees today, the secret to a successful retirement is an oxymoron — a successful retirement actually means work. But “work” may not look like the career you’ve held for 40 years. Instead, there are a host of second careers that today’s retirees are pursuing. “People today are saying, ‘I don’t want to sit…

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NewRetirement Podcast: Work and Jobs Over 50 — Steve Chen Interviews Kerry Hannon & Philippe Violette

Hosted by Steve Chen, founder of NewRetirement, the NewRetirement Podcast offers interviews about the wise use of both money and time in retirement. Explore ideas and great insight so that you can achieve a secure and meaningful future.Episode 2 is an interview covering two perspectives about work, working less and jobs over 50: Kerry Hannon…

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Work during retirement

Ric Edelman on Whether You’ll Have to Work During Retirement

Retirement is not what it used to be. In the past, retirees could get by on a combination of Social Security payments, their company’s pension, and their retirement savings, but this model is slowly fading. Now, many people don’t have enough to fund their retirement and find that they have to work during this time…

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