We take security and privacy as seriously as you do.


NewRetirement employs SOC standard security measures throughout our application and operations.  Highlights of how we protect your data include:

  • We use bank-level security and industry best practices to ensure that we preserve your data security and privacy
  • All communication between your browser and our servers uses industry-standard 256-bit encryption. Our website’s encryption is rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs.
  • We have strict internal access controls so that no NewRetirement employees have access to your credentials
  • Your data is stored in data centers that are protected 24/7 with biometric checkpoints, video surveillance and other industry-standard techniques.


NewRetirement adheres to SOC2 Type 1 and 2 security controls and our most recent Type 2 certification period was completed September 30, 2023.  We are TrustArc certified, GDPR compliant and adhere to CCPA regulations (certification in process).

Data Privacy and Security

NewRetirement does not:

  • Sell your data, and if we share data with third parties to improve our products and services we make sure they don’t sell your data either
  • Require your social security number, your real name, or any account numbers
  • Store the credit card number you use for purchases

NewRetirement offers users the option to utilize Multi Factor Authentication (2FA) to further protect their accounts.

Account Linking

  • For some services, such as account linking, we partner with Plaid, a financial technology leader with stellar security credentials. You can review Plaid’s security credentials here.
  • When linking accounts, we never send your credentials to your browser, and we do not store your credentials ourselves. Plaid uses industry-leading security practices to ensure your accounts stay safe.

Think you’ve found a bug?

  • We’ve built NewRetirement from the ground up. All technology contains bugs, and the public plays a crucial role in identifying these. If you believe you’ve found a security bug or vulnerability, please email us at:

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