Staying Healthy for Retirement

According to a Merrill Lynch study, more than 80% of today’s retirees say health is the most important ingredient for a happy retirement, meaning that the majority value good health even over financial security.

Focus on Health Not Wealth for a Happy Retirement

Money does not buy happiness, even in retirement.

41 Tips for a Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Retirement

Here are some of the secrets to making retirement the best time of your life.

Healthy Wealthy and Wise? Two Out of Three is Not So Bad?!?

Is there a downside to good health?

4 Ways to Stay Active in Retirement

Don’t retire in retirement. You can enjoy the rest…but not so much relaxation!

Soak Up the Sun? Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Alzheimers and Other Recent Health News (Stroke, Chocolate, Exercise…)

Important news from the journal Neurology.

Here are some of the best resources for health and aging news:

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NewRetirement Planner

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